How many times have you heard that?

We hear it but do we really know what it means?


For most of you who have been following me around on

the internet for a while, you know that I have a 12 year old

daughter who LOVES cheerleading snd does it competitively.


They just wrapped up the 2013 - 2014 season at Nationals

in Daytona FL and before that, we have been traveling all

across the country to compete.


Now, I have worked a job for over 20 years and have never

seen teamwork like in these routines.


If any of the girls did not do EXACTLY what they needed to

do at the precise time, then well, the whole routine falls

apart and they all suffer the consequences.


That is how I'm building my team.


And that is how I encourage you to build yours.


In fact it's the only way to succeed at anything!


Do EXACTLY what's needed to move you and your team

towards your goals and you have no choice but to succeed.


Watch their video here to see what I mean.


Now, isn't it fascinating how they all played their role so

well in order for the team to win?


That is what my teammates and I do every day to achieve

our personal and business goals.


Play our part for all of us to succeed!


Make it a great day :-)


Nicole Barham


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I have many of my subscribers emailing me daily asking:"How can I get started online and do what you do?"

Remember I said that I just started my online business 9 months ago?
I had no training or experience in online marketing.

No existing list of people that I knew in business.

I CERTAINLY was not going to reach out to any of my family members and friends to join my business

I had experienced enough negativity from them and I wasn't going togo through that humiliation again.

So I joined Empower Network and started to apply the training.

Now, 9 months later, I am at the point where I can make $3,000 in one day which just blows me away.

Here's a quick screen shot of that (some info blocked out to protect team members identity):

Now guys, I am just a regular person who was looking around online almost a year ago for an alternative to a JOB.

I knew that I didn't have 20 more years to give to corporate America tocontinue to live paycheck to paycheck.

So, I had to do SOMETHING.

You see, this was a necessity and as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of all invention.

Well necessity made me RE-INVENT myself and started looking for a way out.

Now that I know what to do to make $500 a day and $1,000 a day and $3,000 a day.

I know for sure that the daily grind is no way to live for 45 years.

Most people don't know that and  I feel like it is my RESPONSIBILITY to share this with the WORLD!

You ready to make that move?

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To Your Success,

Nicole Barham

P.S. See the video here that I watched and immediately after watching I started my own business with Empower Network.

P.P.S. Call me anytime at 347-470-0875 with ANY questions or email me at :-)

Important Legal Information Regarding This Email
Obviously the income examples shown are extraordinary.
The income claims presented are not intended to serve as a
guarantee of income. Instead, they're designed to give you
an idea of what's possible. Success in this business - as with
anything, requires leadership, hard work and dedication.
Since we want to help you make an informed decision, we've
gone above and beyond with our income disclosure document.
You can see our full income disclosure document:

See our income disclosure here

This morning I woke up and received a text notification that I made $1,600 in a day.
I am not telling you this to impress you rather to show you what's POSSIBLE.
I use to think that the salary I made was the most money I could make EVER.

What I didn't know was that I was settling in my belief that that was the maximum amount my TIME was worth.

Until I learned from my mentors that my employer does not determine

how much my time is worth.


I GET TO DECIDE how much my time is worth.


The day I discovered that, my mindset shifted and I have not looked

back since.


I have gone on to have $500 days, $1,000 days and now I made

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My mission is now to help as many people who want to learn how

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How do I know it's possible?


Because I was taught how to do this by someone who had the same 

and BETTER results.


If you're ready to have $500 days, $1,000 days or even $3,000 days

watch a video on the system that I am using to get these results.


Then join my team here and let's get rolling :-)


To Your Prosperity,


Nicole Barham

"Cultivating a Prosperous Mind"


Income Disclaimer

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to make money

seemingly from out of this air                          

While others struggle all their lives and can't seem to get out of

that hole?

Tony Robbins explains it PERFECTLY in this video:

So, did you identify with any of what he said? I know I did.

Send me an email or hop on over to my FB fan page ( and share your thoughts

Talk soon.


Nicole Barham

"Cultivating a Prosperous Mind"


P.S. As a side note, in the recent year since I started following

the teachings of Tony, I decided that when he comes to South

Florida I would be the first person in line to his conference

"Unleash The Power Within"


Well what do you know, he comes here on the weekend of

March 1st and as luck would have it I will be in Dallas TX at

my daughter's cheer leading competition.


The first away competition in a whole year!


I'm not sure what the message is for me but I know for

sure that there is one there.


I will be going to his conference within the year, that I know for sure.

I just will have to travel to another location for it. :-)


Lawrence Tam got his hands on this video below, which AIRS today...

Lawrence is featured in this video which talks about how he was actually 

able to retire from Mechanical Engineering after a decade in that industry... at the age of 33.

So now he's a full time father of 3 and happily married working when he wants where he wants.

The key I want you to focus on is that there is a process..




that if applied like Lawrence and so many like us were shown, 

and I'm going to show you now.


You can achieve some real success in 2014.


This Video breaks down the actual process that Lawrence 

personally used to help over 2,000 customers.

Cool thing is... he does it "part time" by relying on systems and proven methods.

So here is what I want you to do now.


Click THIS LINK and watch the video.


Then join my team here.


To Your Prosperity,


Nicole Barham

"Cultivating a Prosperous Mind"

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