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This is the 2nd video in my 3-video series. These are some more lessons that I learned from the Wealth and Wisdom Masterclass with Lisa Nichols.

Lisa Nichols recently hosted a Wealth and Wisdom Masterclass online :-) and I attended.

(I smile because it's amazing how the internet connects so many people in an instant).

These are some of the lessons I learned that I gladly share with you.


My sister in Prosperity and Possibility, Lisa Nichols is hosting a free webinar this coming Tuesday at 9pm EST. Come prepared to dispel those limiting beliefs about money and abundance. Get registered and be prepared for some amazing breakthroughs! I'm SO looking forward to it!

Register at: http://mindvalleyacademy.com/store/wisdom-wealth/preparation



Vishen Lakhiani breaks down how our happiness affects everything in our environment. Life is too short not to be happy.

Make your happiness a priority.

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